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Professional and affordable

When normal cleaning products and techniques are not enough to clean your home or business, you need to contact Ocean Spray Solutions. We are your professional affordable solution that will work around your schedule to get the job done. We love the work we do. Nothing pleases us more than the smiles of our satisfied customers 


Why choose Ocean Spray Solutions?

  • WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK-  we are a professional, reliable and a locally owned family business that lives up to our good name.
  • WE ASSESS RISK-  We use both low pressure/soft wash solutions and high pressure solutions. Our soft wash solutions pair with the most advanced biodegradable detergents to preserve the integrity of your delicate siding, paint, stucco and shingles. We only use high pressure on impenetrable surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. 
  • WE HAVE HIGH STANDARDS IN EQUIPMENT- we use high output safe machines with hot water solutions for cleaning the stubborn grease and grim while reducing our reliance on harsh chemicals.
  • WE VALUE YOUR TIME AND YOUR SPACE- our experience and investment in the most effective and efficient equipment allows us to  complete the job in the most reasonable time.


We appreciate you. We reward you.

  • We take pride in serving both our commercial and residential clients by providing a friendly, reliable and professional experience. 
  • We reward your loyalty by reducing our fee by 10% for your repeat business.
  • We reward you for all your referrals.


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